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About ARI

Introducing ARI

The most reliable, statistical, and efficient Virtual Project Management Tool for your EMR GO-Live and other projects. ARI is a revolutionary analytical and assessment tool, unlike any other methods of information reporting. ARI helps you make the right and prompt decisions to optimize your resources and get the data you need to ensure the success of your project.

ARI offers in-depth analysis of different modules using distinct features such as

Statistical Comparison

Records historical data for analysis and evaluation

Convenient Access

can be viewed using any smart technology including smartphones, laptops, tablets, and computers

Live Monitoring

Minute by minute updates of the chosen modules

  • Live and in-depth analytics from the units
  • Helps in Understanding challenges and gives insight as to what is needed for specific units, modules and end user type
  • Offers immediate and real time view of unit coverage & location of support
  • Sends a SMS text or email to members of the team when consultants are being reallocated
  • Communicates directly via chat window to team leads or Project Managers.
  • Allows viewing analytically which modules are being supported
  • Allows seeing which units have the most traffic
  • Monitors peak hours of support needs
  • Tracks trouble tickets
  • Aligns and updates you with daily work schedule
  • Get detailed insights of full project using filters for date, module,
    end user type, username, and much more.

Master control over your business, identify areas of improvement, and optimize work efficiency using the ARI.

ARI – Complex and critical reports made easy

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